Gravel Pit Isolation

The SJRRP Predation Small Interdisciplinary Group (SIG) developed a draft Pit Prioritization Process document that outlines the general approach to prioritizing gravel pits in Reach 1. Several studies have collected data and a pit delineation report that inventories pits is in progress. MAP study 2016-8 will continue to synthesize collected data, identify data gaps and initiate a pit prioritization strategy. Future MAP studies will include collection of data gaps and working with the fisheries agencies to refine and finalize the pit prioritization. Once a final prioritization is developed, DWR will look to implement Gravel Pit Isolation Projects.

Contractors for the Department of Water Resources shore up levee improvements at Pit 46e/Sycamore Island in order to isolate former gravel mining pits that pose potential predation risks for juvenile salmon.